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Our magical teaching Year 12 Chemistry system 🪄

Markitup specialises in Year 12 Chemistry Tutoring.

We’ve helped over 2,000+ students from Kindy to Year 12 find their potential and thrive under the new academic  pressures. This has led to an increase in our students confidence, attitude, and quality of work. 

Angelina commenced her maths tutoring with Mark It Up in the beginning of 2017. Angelina found that she was more prepared with her approach to her learning in her school environment and understood the fundamentals of what was being taught.  Her understanding of mathematics was greatly enhanced. Angelina achieved a third ranking in her year in Mathematics 5.2.  She received an award on Presentation Day at her high school and started year 10 in the 5.3 class.  We believe her year in Markitup has assisted her greatly in achieving this great result!  Thank you Markitup! –

Merrit LabibClaudia Gialamas


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About Markitup


Nhi, the Founder, has dedicated more than seven years meticulously developing academic programs tailored to the unique needs of students across different year levels and learning abilities. With over 13+ years in teaching, Nhi believes in the importance of how information is structured and communicated to students. With these programs, she equips her tutors with specialised training series to ensure that all students are easily digesting information and most importantly – having fun!

Congratulations to our hardworking students 🙌🙌

HSC Results ✍️

From the previous year, Markitup has an overall 63% success rate ! 🎉

Below is a list of Markitup Students are received an offer or a reserve offer into OC Classes and Selective Schools. 

Mahima – 97.25

Charlton Lau – 96.05

Nam Nguyen – 93.8

David Ramos – 92

Ripel – 90.9                      

Ken D’Souza – 91

Jake – 89.95 (2nd in NSW for Extension History – American Studies)          


…and many more!         

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    You’re probably a bit sceptical about us. Heck, I would be to. There are so many tutoring centres out there. How do you know which one will actually give you what you’re after? What’s worst is if you’ve tried a few and been burnt! (Me too! Been through that with my parents!) 

    We guarantee that your child will either enjoyed or have seen an improvement with our program.

    Unfortunately, not all situations are the same, if you have any issues – talk to us and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue and come to a solution that you’ll be happy with.

    At the end of the day it is all about you and your child feeling comfortable and getting the results. It’s very simple really. ❤️