School Holiday Program
(Kindy to Year 12)

School Holiday Program 🪄🪄

We have 4 School Holiday Programs a year:

✅January School Holiday Program

✅April School Holiday Program

✅July School Holiday Program

✅October School Holiday Program

Note, no programs are offered over the December holidays and over the New Years. 

🚀About our Program 🚀

Our fun and engaging School Holiday program spans 12 hours over 3 days. There are two sessions that run every school holidays, once per week. 

Day 1 – Essential Skills Program:  Revision of the previous terms topic. This course is perfect for students that are not confident with the topics being taught (they may need a bit of extra practice). 


Day 2 and Day 3 – Depending on the grade, students will either be focusing on basic skills, NAPLAN Preparation or OC/Selective Examination Papers. This course is perfect for parents who would like their child to make the best use of their time during the school holidays and prepare for the upcoming exams. 



4 hours per day over 3 days



Location varies according to the school holiday program. Please refer to the timetable to confirm. 

Naplan Class Covers


Numeracy (calculator & non-calculator for Year 7 & 9)


Language Convention


Opportunity Class Course Covers

Mathematical Reasoning


Thinking Skills

Selective Exam Course Covers

Mathematical Reasoning​


Thinking Skills


How Our Families Felt About Our Program 🤩

School Holiday Program Timetable

To find out more about our School Holiday Program timetable, cost and other details please refer the details below. 

The School Holiday Program Timetable below are catered for Kindy to Year 12

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