OC/Selective Programs
(Year 3/4 and Year 5/6)

Our magical teaching system 🪄

Opportunity Class (OC)

The Opportunity Class can be thought of as a pre-selective test/class. In essence, it is pre-selective education, but for Year 5 and Year 6 children. To have a better opportunity at securing a position in an academic class in a public school for Years 5 and 6, students are highly encouraged to prepare and test themselves through the Opportunity Class exam. The Opportunity Class exam is sat by Year 4 students around July every year.

METS Program

Academically brilliant students attend selective schools, which are high schools for grades 7 through 12. Students must take the Selective Exam in order to be accepted into a selective school, and if the prerequisites are met, they will receive an invitation to enrol. In order to be eligible to enrol in a selective school, students must take an exam in Year 6.

Opportunity Class (OC)/Selective Classes🧑‍🏫

The Opportunity Class Exam is undertaken by students in Year 4. The best time to start preparing for this test is in Year 3. 

The Selective School Exam is understaken by students in Year 6. The best time to start preparing for this test is in Year 5. 

Practice makes perfect
Practice makes perfect

Weekly test

Students must diligently practise the actual exam questions in order to better prepare for any exams. Our students study for OC test at home online which has a rigorous time schedule. This instruction will help students comprehend the importance of working quickly, yet accurately to finish the exam paper on time.

Congratulations to our hardworking students 🙌🙌

OC and Selective Results ✍️

From the previous year, Markitup has an overall 63% success rate ! 🎉

Below is a list of Markitup Students are received an offer or a reserve offer into OC Classes and Selective Schools. 

Zahara  – Casula Public School

Pranisha – Newbridge Public School

Ashton – Baulkham Hills High School

Adnan Ali – Macquarie Fields High School

Alina – Sydney Girls High School

Lauren  –  Hurlstone Agricultural High School

Isabella – Prairewood High School

Sebastian – Macquarie Fields High School

Niya –  Moorebank High School

Melisha – Bonnyrigg High School

Zeeshan- Moorebank High School

…and many more!  

Looking for our Class Timetable?

Thank you so much to the Markitup Team. Made it into selective because of Markitup”

Jen Tran


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