High School Programs
(Year 7 to Year 10)

Our magical teaching system 🪄


High School mathematics is 2 hours long covering all the topics required under the NSW syllabus.


High School English is 1.5 hours long. Instead of focusing on texts, we focus no analytical skills and building students writing skills in short answer and extended responses.

High School Mathematics 🧮

Learn, Test & Revise
Learn, Test & Revise

Double Teaching Method

We have built our high shool maths curriculum through a unique and exciting "double-teaching method". Our tutors have noticed that students find it difficult to retain new content, despite their best efforts. This is why we have utilised 5 lessons to teach each topic in our Mathematics program; fours lessons are spent on an introduction and exposure to new concepts, and the final lesson are used to revise the complex content.

High School English 🕮

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Below are further information about what topics we teach grade per term. 

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My daughter just started with Markitup and from the first lesson came out with a smile! She was looking for a structured lesson that teaches the curriculum in a relaxed environment and a great tutor that engages an explains the content clearly. Definitely recommend Nhi and the tutors at Markitup!

Irena Blasko


Angelina commenced her maths tutoring with Mark It Up in the beginning of 2017. Angelina found that she was more prepared with her approach to her learning in her school environment and understood the fundamentals of what was being taught.  Her understanding of mathematics was greatly enhanced. Angelina achieved a third ranking in her year in Mathematics 5.2.  She received an award on Presentation Day at her high school and started year 10 in the 5.3 class.  We believe her year in Markitup has assisted her greatly in achieving this great result!  Thank you Markitup! –

Merrit LabibClaudia Gialamas


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