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Why join our Markitup Family? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

There are so many tutoring centres out there that you might be confused – who do I join? Who would be the best suited for me? Which company can give me the best support I need today, but have my back in the future when I apply for other jobs (graudate program)? 

Well, it really depends what you’re after. If you’re after a job that pays well, is flexible, reputable and preovides the BEST references then honestly – look no further than Markitup!

There are countless reasons why working at Markitup would be an amazing experience for you, but we’ll do our best to list the most important ones below for you!

Grow Professionally 🪴

Work along a team of professional colleagues who highly organised and communicates well. Makes your life alot easier! Over time, working closely with us, naturally you’ll pick up work ethics and mannerisms which will elevate your professional working aura – making you well above your peers when you apply for that graudate program!

Make New Friends 🤝🤝

If you are successful for the role. That means you’re the right fit for our culture! You’ll meet lots of new friends (long-life friends too!) here at MarkitUP. Working hard here comes with a rewarding End of Year Party!!

Work in a centre 🧑‍🏫

Sick of having to cosntantly travel to student houses? Want to work in a proper tuition centre that is fully equipped with the best teaching facilities and technology? Well that’s us!

Great Pay & Skill Building

Be rewarded with excellent pay rates + super the longer you are with MarkitUP! They say loyalty pays off! Not only that, upon proving yourself you’ll get the opportunity for greater working responsiblities (trust me, it’ll look great on your resume!)

All Done and Prepared for 📚

Your job is simple. Show up and start teaching! All booklets, lesson work is all prepared for in advance. No preparation required at home. Instead, use that time wisely to study for your up-coming exam!

❤️ Feel Rewarded

Not going to promise all the kids gonna make your heart skip a beat! But teaching children that WANTS to learn and seeing children go from E to B/A, is simply one of the most rewarding and amazing jobs you’ll EVER have. You’ve changed someone’s life for good!! Remember, you were once these students – hoping that your teacher would be able to make a change for you too. 

Referencing ☎️

Need someone to back you up for that internship or graduate progarm? Markitup will make sure to provide that strong push that you need to help you land that dream graduate program that you’re after. Though, we do ask that you commit a minimum of 2 days and work at least 1 year with us (so we have something to actually say in the interview!)

Being a former tutor here for a considerable number of years, I can proudly say that it has been a overwhelmingly positive experience at MarkitUP. Work hours are very flexible and considerate to cater for uni timetables plus work environment was very supportive and well balanced. Administation team was very approachable and accommodating.

During my time here, I’ve developed and improved on many skills such as effective communication among parents, students and coworkers as well as having partaken in leadership opportunities which has helped me to manage my own time as well students’ needs.

Overall, easy recommendation for any university or academically-orientated students who are thinking about making a change in students’ lives, looking for mentorship roles or exciting opportunies to improve their skills as well as others around them.

Tim Nguyen


As a former tutor at MarkitUP Tuition, I found that it is a great workplace, with a cooperative team of staff members who strive to ensure an organised work environment which provides plenty of educational resources to assist tutors in running their classes. It was also very flexible and considerate towards my university commitments at the time i.e. working around my university timetable arrangements.
Overall, it proved to be an excellent opportunity to develop my communication, time management, leadership and interpersonal skills when preparing and delivering lessons, as well as in taking on a mentoring role with the students.
I would highly recommend MarkitUP Tuition for academically-oriented university students who are interested in becoming involved in tutoring!

Phillip Prsevski


Amazing work environment – administration are incredibly approachable and considerate towards university timetable. Tutors are given well-structured resources to engage and develop student’s understanding. Whilst working as a tutor, I developed my leadership and communication skills. I highly recommend this opportunity for university students who are interested tutoring and making a difference.

Rachel Nguyen


Now... Who are we looking for?

That's a very good question. Who are we looking for? Are you the right fit? Do you have the right qualifications to work for Markitup?

If you’re a HOT yes to all of the following – then send us your resume asap!

✔️Are really passionate for Senior English or Mathematics.

✔️Are passionate about teaching and knows how to make the class fun.

✔️Able to teach BOTH Primary School (Math and English) and either Math/English at a High School level. 

Tutors with no or little experience are also very welcome to apply as long as you have a strong academic track record.

To be eligible:

✔️Preferably if you live local to one of our centres.

✔️MUST have graduated from a NSW High School.

Your resume MUST include the following:

✔️Suburb you live in.

✔️School and ATAR.

✔️Subjects undertaken in the HSC, the results and band of each subjects.

✔️Ranking in each subject.

✔️Any experience in tutoring.

Without the following information above, your resume will not be considered.