Your local Maths & English tutors.
Teaching your child to fall in love with learning.

Your local Maths & English tutors.
Teaching your child to fall in love with learning.

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Feeling confused about where your child is at academically?

You might be feeling a bit in the dark because the only feedback you get is ‘They’re doing okay.’

Book in a private and in-depth assessment and consultation with our Founder Nhi Chang, where she will help you understand where your child is actually at and have an open conversation about we’re you’re currently at with your child and how we can help you achieve what you want for your child. 

Together, we'll help your child reach their greatest potential!

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At Markitup Tuition, we have formulated a proven highly sophisticated and unique curriculum over the last 10 years. It is designed to ensure your child is supported in their journey towards academic success through starting with fundamentals, teaching them the theory/formulas and slowly building them up so they not only understand but also retain the information taught. 

Allow your child to ignite their love or learning with our exemplary tutors and interactive centre, built to allow your child to thrive. 

Simply watch as your child’s academics confidence soars. 🔥

I honestly cannot thank you enough. You have definitely changed my daughter’s results in Math and potentially improved her chances in going further (Uni). You lifted a huge weight off my shoulder and took that responsibility with outstanding dedication and delivered what you promised. I have no idea how, but my girl now the top of her class in year 12.

Merrit Labib


Who are the tutors?

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Markitup is committed to giving back to our community through sharing our advices and experiences through our blogs. We are always creating new and free worksheets/activitiy sheets so you can work with your child from home.

Early learning refers to the educational experiences and opportunities provided to children during their early years, typically from birth to around eight years old. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including play, exploration, social interactions, and structured learning experiences. Early learning is crucial as it…

As children get older, the way they learn and retain information changes. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ learning style and primary school is the best time to test each style to determine which one works best for your child. NAPLAN begins in Year 3, and ….

Most of us have heard the term ‘selective school’, but many of us don’t understand what is encompassed by such a broad term. In NSW, a ‘selective school’ is a government public high school which caters…

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