About Us

MarkitUP Tuition was Founded by Nhi Chang in 2017. It originally started at Carnes Hill Community Centre and since then has grown to 3 Campuses across Sydney.

MarkitUP has helped over 2K+ students from Kindy to Year 12 find their potential and thrive under the new academic pressures. 

Nhi have put in over 7 years of time and effort of her own time into building the academic programs carefully for Kindy students all the way to the HSC. This can easily be outsourced, however, with over 13+ years in teaching, Nhi believes in the importance of how information is structured and communciated to students. With these programs, she equips her tutors with specialised training series to ensure that all students are easily digesting information and most importantly – having fun!

Primary School

MarkitUP’s Primary School Program is designed to target the flaws in how the education system is teaching our children. The system fails to (1) effectively teach the children maths beyond basic addition, subtraction etc (2) assist children to understand the depth of Math and English AND to be able to retain in long term. 

Our program is structured so parents can clearly understand what is being taught that week and how long. We teach just enough that the students understand the topics well before getting them to do lots of practice! To top it off, our program is a physical book! (Yup – none of that online homework stuff!!)

High School

MarkitUP’s High School Program is even more fun!

Nhi actually specalises in high school Mathematics, so she understands the pothole along the way. What is the journey that students will go through… the 5.3/5.2 math.. and how does that impact on Year 11 and 12?


Our high school program is comprehensive and backed with so much practice questions. With good studying ethics – there is no doubt your child shouldn’t be doing well in those tests!

Our program begins with teaching the students the basics, how does it all come togehter? What is the formula and how is it used, before providing students tons of questions to practice on.

It's all about you!

You’re probably a bit sceptical about us. Heck, I would be to. There are so many tutoring centres out there. How do you know which one will actually give you what you’re after? What’s worst is if you’ve tried a few and been burnt! (Me too! Been through that with my parents!) 

We guarantee that your child will either enjoyed or have seen an improvement with our program.

Unfortunately, not all situations are the same, if you have any issues – talk to us and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue and come to a solution that you’ll be happy with.

At the end of the day it is all about you and your child feeling comfortable and getting the results. It’s very simple really. ❤️

I honestly cannot thank you enough. You have definitely changed my daughter’s results in Math and potentially improved her chances in going further (Uni). You lifted a huge weight off my shoulder and took that responsibility with outstanding dedication and delivered what you promised. I have no idea how, but my girl now the top of her class in year 12.

Merrit Labib