The OC Test : Preparing Your Child For High School

An ‘Opportunity Class’ (Known affectionately as OC classes) is a specialised 5 & 6 year program which allows your child to thrive with other academically gifted students. Want to find out more about this great experience, read more below!

An OC class operates in year 5 and 6, and are designed to cater to children with a gift for academia. Entry into this program is dependent on 2 factors; a child’s results in the OC test in year 4, and their school’s assessment of their abilities in Maths and English from both their year 4 report and their year 3 NAPLAN results. The test is comprised of 3 topics split into 2 sections, targeting English, Maths, and Thinking Skills in both sections. This may seem daunting, but that’s ok! We will go through how to prepare in a moment.

The OC program is a great entree for students who want to challenge themselves academically, and are bored in their classes at the moment. While the process is incredibly competitive, the test is a great introduction to students who wish to attend a selective school, and have not experienced the time constraints of an examination before. 

Students that have made it into the OC exam have a greater chance of making it into a selective school after Year 6 because at school they have been academically supported with a highly accelerated program that prepares them well for more competitive schools. 

If you’re looking for a way to prepare your child for the OC exam, fear not! We here at Markitup offer our fantastic METS program, designed specifically for students who want to excel in their studies! Unlike other courses which teach students purely Maths and English, our program also includes a Thinking Skills section to get your child’s mind active and prepared for their big day. We focus on each section evenly, ensuring no subject (or child!) is left behind. With a strong focus on the Australian Curriculum, students are able to excel both in their school work and exam preparation!

For students looking to practice specifically for exams only, we also offer placement tests! These programs allow your child to get a real understanding of the examination process, with each week focussing specifically on a different aspect of the paper, and qualified tutors to guide them every step of the way. These tests are a great way to build your childs confidence in their academic ability, specifically in the few months before sitting such an important exam.

It is essential for your child to feel confident in their abilities, and understand how they can improve and be resilient in their results. We encourage all parents to get involved, and help their child on the road to success by giving them every opportunity to succeed! If you are interested in our METS program or Placement Tests, feel free to contact Markitup for more information. 😊

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