Avoid School Stress and Upskill today – SmartSkills Program

School is all about educating the youth of Australia to become self-sustaining adults, but how are they supposed to do that if they’re never taught how to apply their skills to the real world? Don’t you wish your child would come home telling you about how they learnt to organise their time at school today, or how to prepare for a job interview? We here at Markitup understand that school isn’t all about learning your ABC’s and adding numbers. A 2015 study on student happiness found Australian student’s stress levels were well above the international average; nearly half (47%) of students in Australia indicated extreme levels of stress during study, compared to 37% internationally. This proves to us that students are so stressed about achieving their dreams for the future, they are becoming too stressed to work in the present. That’s why we’ve created our incredible ‘SmartSkills’ program; to help your child succeed in not only in school but also in the real world! 😁


This program is tailored specifically for our junior students offering them the essential skills they will need to succeed in high school and the adult world!

Our ‘Intro to High School’ course gets junior students excited about this new adventure they are under-taking, and shows them how best to prepare for the years of hard work to come. We know that every child is different, and studying using pen and paper isn’t always the best way to retain information.

With our ‘Study and Motivation’ seminar, students are introduced to different study methods and habits, helping them stay motivated for the rest of their time in school. Of course, none of this steps are applicable without a sense of time management and organisation!

Our ‘Time and Organisation’ section introduces students to effective organisational strategies and skills that will allow them to manage their stress both during and after school!

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics found 1 in 3 young people were unemployed or underemployed in 2015. To get out students ready to beat these statistics and take control of their career, we have devised a program which caters specifically to senior students looking to prepare for their future in the workforce.

Our Emotional Intelligence workshop will allow students to expand their understanding of emotions, and the affect this has on their employability and ability to build relationships in the workplace.

Computer literacy will help upsell your child and differentiate them in the workforce. You will be surprised how many students graduate from high school and barely knows the basic of word document! This workshop introduces students to the use of Microsoft Office and the etiquette which should be upheld in the workplace; teaching them how to effectively use Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, and send email.

To truly increase the chances of your child achieving their dream job, we have crafted a Job and Interview Prep workshop which prepares students with resumes which will get the attention of employers, and how to prepare for the interview process.

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